Hello friends,greetings from my world. I have a project I do every September. I started last year and it was a success. Now it’s that time again. It’s BACK TO SCHOOL RURAL OUTREACH. As we know , everything that has a beginning has an end. It is not all children that look forward to start a new school session because of the lack of some basic school materials. We want to help some of these children. Our focus is to provide school items and writing materials for children in the rural area. Last year, we shared water bottles, food baskets, writing materials. This year we want to add a beautiful twist to it.

How many third terms have you wondered what you will do with the books your kids used? Sometimes, they sit in a corner of the house as junks and other times, kids tear them up.

Do you know that most kids in the rural areas don’t have access to text books and story books. They don’t know the magic our kids find in books. Let us change their world by giving them the used text books instead of throwing them away or burning them. So, as the kids haven come home, sort out those text books they won’t use again and send to us. We want to send 1000 children back to school with joy.¬†

Do you also know that with 500 naira, a kid will have a water bottle, some pencils and colour pencil for school. *500 naira*. How many children can you sponsor? One, Three, Ten, Hundred? Every labour of love with be appreciated. Send me a message and let me know how you want to partner with us. God bless us. Do not let distance to be a barrier.