My kids won’t ever cease to amaze me. They are the ones in a hurry to leave the house. Then the moment they are gone for a day or two, they start chanting, ” when are we coming home, when are you coming to pick us, I miss yoiu”. Their voices on the phone ignites a certain kind of emotion that makes you want to leave all that you are doing and hurry to them.


But no, no, this mummy has girded her heart. The blackmail wont work a beg. Shebi una want holidays? Oya, enjoy am. I miss you guys but mother deserves her “me time” to rejuvenate and be mentally, emotionally, physical and spiritually ready for a new session and a new season of our lives.

Don’t ask me why that fair bobo isn’t smiling., I have no idea. Lol

Sometimes, we drain ourselves of all our strength and forget to charge it up. We need it. We need to be free from being mummy and experience our inner self again and again. Even though the holiday is slowly grinding to an end , you can still take out some time to recharge, alone. You will thank me for that later.

One love people.