How Teenagers can initiate conversation with their parents.

Over the past few years,they have been stories of young people who were assaulted by close family members and they couldn’t talk to anyone. Young people at their teen age are confused and need clear guidance on different issues of life.

If young people know enough to ask a question , they deserve an age appropriate answer. Young people need honest answers too.

Parents are the most important source of sexuality education. You may not know but young people are willing to ask questions and get answers. The problem is that some of them do not know how to initiate conversation with their parents and some parents don’t know how to respond when kids initiate conversation. Here are some tips teenagers can use to initiate and engage their parents in conversation.

TIP 1: Think through what you want to talk about. Do you want information, to share your feelings, do you need help or do you just need a listening ear? Make sure you are certain of what you want to talk about.

TIP 2: Pick the right timing. Find the right time when both of you are free to listen and talk with one another.Wrong timing may cause misunderstanding of the case at hand or the listener may give hasty replies. Wrong timing may even make the parent not give attention to the child.

TIP 3: Talk Clearly: State your concerns clearly. You can use phrases like, “I am thinking about…., I am worried about….., Confused about…….” Say the best you can. As you talk, your thoughts and feelings become clearer.

TIP 4: Ask for what you want and what you expect from your parents too

TIP 5: LISTEN. Final step to good communication  is listening. Listen to what your parents have to say and follow up on them. Good listening means  you focus on the other person and try to understand what they are thinking and feeling. They should be clarity for communication to be complete.

Parents in responding to questions should convey positive sexual health attitudes through your words, tone of voice and facial expressions.


The Journey So Far. 2

I wont talk much here. I already did in the part one of this post. You can read it here The Journey So Far .

Our projects in Pictures.

IMG_20170830_113227.jpgThe face when we talk to save lives

IMG_20170830_105914.jpgAnd the attention was intense

IMG_20170812_124607.jpgMothers are Awesome

IMG_20170812_121750.jpgUsing my voice for good

IMG_20170812_124555.jpgMothers  are ready to help the next generation with knowledge.

IMG_20170322_113506.jpgSometimes, we have to be forceful with our NO. Assured Tender Care pupils are awesome.



“As far as your eyes can see” . The popular words God told Abraham and we believe them till today. So it was that my eyes saw Children liberated and empowered with information and I knew I was not going to rest till my voice be used for good. My voice can only go as far as money and other material resources can go. So, I reached out to friends and they gave their moral, financial, spiritual and physical support.


And voila… May 26th’s “It Should Not Hurt To Be A Child” was a Blockbuster. God exceeded my expectations. It was our first children day program organised for primary school pupils. We talked PANTS , Puberty and Hygiene for the Higher Primary Classes with the girls going home with free samples of Sanitary Pads. Every family in the school went home with a free copy of the book ” Be bold to Protect Your Body” , drinks and snacks. Family Lounge Initiative provided the platform and you provided the resources. God bless you richly. God bless the director of BenBee Unique School, Awka for allowing us to empower their pupils.

Basic six pupils listening with rapt attention