It’s not only adults that look forward to Fridays. Children do too. They also look forward to some rest from school work and school routine. They look forward to a weekend of watching television, playing at will and sleeping in late(I love that part too).

This Friday, we want to do something different for a child. I have always said that I am a product of books I have read and still read (and things I have watched too). However, I have come to understand that there are proper books for every age and it is important we lead them to the right books at the right time. I will love nothing more than being instrumental to igniting the love of reading in someone.

So, our Friday Giveaway is starting this week. Hurray! All you have to do is to like our Facebook page : 

Post a picture of your child’s one minute video telling us why he/she loves Fridays.

Share the page with your friends so they can like your child’s video.

The post with the most likes gets a free book from us. This is our way of encouraging a child’s love for books and appreciate your friendship and engagement on our various platforms.

We will announce our winner on Sunday night so we expect your videos between now and Sunday afternoon.

One love people. Let the fun begin.