Just in case you think being a teenager in a time like this is easy, you have to stop and hear this: It is NOT. “How can I say that”, you may ask. With all the electronic gadgets at their beck and call, the 21st century effizy, the knowledge on the increase, freedom of speech, etc, one would have thought that they will have it all easy but it is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, the presence of these things may be their problem.

If you are 30 and above, you probably grew up in the beginning of the era of technology shift as we have it now. Most of us had the ‘black and white television in a box’, a few of us had the table top or landline telephone, not to talk of a computer and an internet connection.¬†Wow! The teenagers are having a blast right now. Inside my head, I hear them scream ‘No No No’.

It was an eye opener for us at the Children’s Week organised by my dear friend, Lady Chioma and the St Mulumba Parish, New Haven, Enugu.

As we discussed about “Being A Godly Teenager In A Time Like This” , the teenagers pointed different vices that are so rampant now like exam malpractices, teen prostitution, kidnapping, bribery and corruption, indiscipline etc. The kids feel the impact of these vices daily and they agreed that the technological gadgets are actually causing more harm than good for them. Are we now saying they shouldn’t enjoy these things that make life easier? No!

Here’s what we are advocating for:

*** These teenagers haven’t come out of a vacuum. They have adults in form of parents, guardians, teachers, counsellors in charge of them. We should take our duties towards nurturing them into responsible adults as a God given charge and do our best. We should instill good values in them and set good examples in the way we live our lives.

*** Monitor what they watch, who they move out with, where they go, what they do and what they listen to. Remember that what they fill their mind with is what they will manifest.

*** Monitor the time they spend on the Computer and the sites they browse. You mast not know it yet, but yes, danger lurks in the Cyber Space too. There are sexual predators waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting child, Cyber bullies and other Cyber crimes.

*** Above all, we can’t remove the God factor. Without Him, we can do nothing. Expose your child to godly teachings and values. They will speaks for you when you aren’t there to speak.

The foundation we build for our children matters. Nothing good comes easy but in the end, we will be grateful we did our best.

We will be glad to hear from you. What other ways do you think we can help our teenagers live responsibily in a time like this.