I thought I won’t get to write something today but , ‘hurray’, I am here now. Today has been busy. We in my family did not only celebrate a teacher, we also celebrated a birthday. October 5th won’t only be a Teacher Appreciation day for us, we also celebrate the gift from heaven to us in the form of my father-in-law. Have I mentioned that he was a teacher at a point? He still is because even at 90(that’s how long he has been alive), he helped my kids with a maths sum that was dealing with me. We are all super happy to be connected to him.

Back to the teacher’s day. There was a time I taught English language to secondary school students. I did what I could not sure if I was doing it well. Fast forward to some years after I had left the school, my mum calls me up to say that a friend called her up to say she heard my name on radio during a Phone in program. It was a special radio programme to celebrate teachers and someone called in to say I was her best teacher. Yours truly was overjoyed. I didn’t know I planted seeds that germinated and had deep roots. I didn’t know someone could say, ‘if not for teacher Ada’ as much as I have remembered some teachers that taught me at various levels.

I don’t do the ‘usual class room’ teaching anymore(for now) but I have not ceased to use any opportunity I have to impart knowledge. You never know a certain joy till you have transferred knowledge to another.

Teaching is a selfless act. You teach because you want to make a difference. You teach because you are willing to serve the tiny humans effortlessly. Teaching is an act of service that can only emanate from a selfless heart.

Teachers aren’t only restricted to the classroom, they are everywhere. Teaching is noble duty. A teacher can change the world with a story, a smile, a word of encouragement, a correction, a push.

I am grateful to all the teachers that I have learnt at the feet. I am who I am today because you played your role in my life. I pray that God will help us to play a vital role in someone else’s life.

You can share your story of the teacher that  inspired you the most. We love to hear from you.

One love people

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